In an age where diverse diabolic political theorems and distorted ideologies have forced our youth to digress from the righteous choice and thought, Young Senators is a call to resuscitate the social fabric that is largely being plagued by mediated and highly compromised perception. Young Senators through its origin has been a platform that reflects change and promotes awareness amongst the very beacons of our society, the Youth. It is a corridor that enables the younger generation to embark on a journey sought from the ideology of our founder Mr. Jinnah ... Read More >

Presidents Message:

Dear readers, Being the President of Young Senators Society is not only a great privilege and honor for me but also great responsibility. I consider it a great chance to serve my country because Young Senators is not just a student society but it's a group of Young and ambitious Students who have a will and a dream to serve this country in any way possible and to take this country over the roads of prosperity ahead of everyone else because the future of nations lies in the hand of ... Read More >